Some Facts About Vacuums

Most allergy and respiratory discomfort are caused by tiny particles between 0.3 and 2 microns, which is actually blowing back into the air through ordinary vacuums' exhaust.

Most vacuums with HEPA filters are usually not designed to be leak-proof. Allergens, bacteria or viruses do escape through the imperfect seals in the housing and around the filters.

Water filtered vacuums have been proven to dissolve allergen, then emit them through a mist into the air during vacuuming, moisture will also lengthen the survival time of bacteria and viruses.

Exaggerations Are Common

Nowadays many vacuum cleaners are claiming to be "Allergy Relieving", or stating "99.97% Filtration Efficiency" so as to attract customers' attention. Frankly almost all of them are overstated marketing statement, most of them will never come close to what they claim. With the help of a particle counter, we have evaluated some common models of "Allergy Relieving" vacuums that is available in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, virtually all of them, no matter water filtered type or dust bag type, will return more than 20% of particulate matters to the room. Which means that allergens resting on the floor, carpet or bed will be suck up and blow back to the room during vacuuming. Because of the microscopic size of allergens, they will stay airborne for hours and contact with or inhale in by allergy sufferers, thus trigger allergic symptoms.

Medicair 800 Plus - Vacuum With Highest Filtration Efficiency


Allergotec - Patented technology to give visual signal on the floor's cleanliness

You do not have to guess whether the floor is clean or not, the floorhead will let you know! Patented Allergotec technology deploy visual signals similar to traffic lights.

Red - The Floor is Soiled
Amber - Low Soiling Level
Green - Hygienically Clean, you are now free from dust, pollen and allergens.


Seeing Is Believing, Miele Make The Difference

Here is a little demonstration done with the help of a particle counter, which can measure particle concentration per litre down to sizes of 0.3 microns.

Background reading was 137,422. Which means that there exist 137,422 particles of size >= 0.3 microns in 1 litre of air

Particle emittance from
Miele Medicair 800 Plus Vacuum V zero.
Virtually 100% filtration efficiency.

We have NOT YET seen any other vacuum (include those water filtered units selling at around HK$20,000) which can have the same reading -zero when measuring particle concentration at the exhaust.

Test Your Own Vacuum

You are welcome to bring your own vacuum cleaner to our shop for a free evaluation of its filtration efficiency! Please contact us for arrangement.


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