Why use an air Cleaner

We all know air pollution is serious at outdoors, but only few people realize that indoor air quality is usually worse.

According to US EPA, indoor pollutants include

Some people may install air cleaners at home or at work, hoping that these cleaners can provide cleaner air to breath. For those who are suffering from allergic symptoms caused by gases pollutants or airborne allergens, hoping that installing an air cleaner will relieve their symptoms will be their major buying reason. Unfortunately, more than usual the air cleaners do not help, or even become a source of pollution at the indoors.

Tricks That Air Cleaner Manufacturers Often Use To Mislead Customers

With the help of a laser particle counter, we can be able to evaluate the filtration efficiency of air cleaners. Similar to the case of high efficiency vacuums, we have not yet seen any other air cleaner have a filtration efficiency high enough to capture airborne allergens, bacteria or viruses.


IQAir - Even Viruses Can Be Captured

See How Well IQAir Works

Here is a little demonstration done with the help of a particle counter, which can measure particle concentration per litre down to sizes of 0.3 microns.

Background reading was 137,422. Which means that there exist 137,422 particles of size >= 0.3 microns in 1 litre of air

Particle emittance from IQAir
HealthPro 250 air cleaner ¡V zero.
Virtually 100% filtration efficiency.

There is very few air cleaners which can have the same reading -zero when measuring particle concentration at the air outlet.

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